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2 Signs You Need To Find A New Apartment Immediately

by April Perry

Many people have the misconception that they have to simply live with conditions they are not happy with when they live in an apartment. While there are some aspects of apartment living that are simply just part of life when you are renting, such as not being able to make permanent changes in your apartment that the owner cannot reverse when you leave, that does not mean that being a "renter" means you just have to put up with whatever problems you face at your current apartment building or complex. If you deal with any of the following problems in your current apartment, then they are signs you likely need to find new apartments for rent

1. You Don't Feel Safe

If you live in an apartment that you feel unsafe in, then that is a huge sign that you should move.You should never have to lie down in your bed at night and wonder if your apartment is going to be broken into while you sleep or wonder if your vehicle is going to be stolen. If this is the first apartment you have lived in, then you may have the misconception that this is simply part of "apartment living" when it is not. 

If you want to move into an apartment that you feel safe in, then look for the following features in your new apartment:

  1. A gated entryway. Some apartment complexes have gates that can only be opened by waving a special programmed "key card" to open it. Others have security guards posted at the gate who make sure everyone who enters is a renter or a guest of a resident. 
  2. Thorough background checks of residents. If your current apartment complex did not do a background check to make sure you have a relatively clean criminal history, then they likely didn't perform this check on other residents. You can sleep better at night knowing everyone in your apartment building has a clean criminal history. 
  3. Several locked entry doors. If the only locked door between you and the outdoors is your apartment door, then this can lead to an unsafe feeling. Look for a building that has a front door that must be unlocked, or even two locked doors, before anyone can even enter the building. 

While a safe apartment building does not need all of these features, look for one that has enough safety features that you can feel safe in your apartment. However, since your fellow apartment-dwellers are in your building, avoid any apartment buildings that do not require background checks of residents. Follow these additional tips, as well. 

2. Your Maintenance Calls Are Not Answered Promptly

While it is normal to have to wait a few days for the maintenance personnel to address a small problem you are having in your apartment, such as a dripping faucet or another minor inconvenience, you should never have to wait for a major problem to be addressed by staff. 

For example, if your heat stops working in the middle of the winter, you shouldn't have to wait longer than a few hours for maintenance personnel to check into the problem and see what they can do to fix it.

Signs to look that a new apartment complex stays on top of problems residents are facing include:

  • 24-hour emergency maintenance hotlines. If the apartment you are moving into has a hotline like this, then it is a good sign that they stay on top of emergencies. 
  • An apartment exterior that is well-kept. If the apartment grounds are well-kept, then that is a sign that the staff takes pride in keeping the building or complex in good condition, and that likely includes the individual apartments. 

While these are easy ways to ensure that the apartment manager likely stays on top of the maintenance needs of residents, don't be afraid to simply ask about maintenance policies when you are touring new apartments. 

It can be difficult for new renters to know whether the problems they face with apartment-living are just part of renting, or if they are signs that they should move into a new apartment. While there are some aspects of apartment-living that are common with renting, you should always feel safe wherever you live and have serious maintenance problems addressed quickly.