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7 Creative Storage Solutions For Apartment-Sized Bathrooms

by April Perry

Are you moving into an apartment for rent soon and are concerned that an apartment-sized bathroom won't have adequate storage space? Putting up extra shelves may be an option, but many landlords won't allow tenants to install anything that involves drilling holes in the wall. If you find yourself in this situation, don't despair -- there are other solutions to small-space conundrums. Following are seven creative ways that you can provide extra storage in an apartment-sized bathroom.

Lazy Susans

Placing a three-tiered lazy Susan in the cabinet under the bathroom sink is an excellent way to store grooming products -- all it takes is a gentle turn to access whatever product you need at the time! If you don't have a cabinet under your sink, slip a sink skirt in a colorful pattern on it, and you'll have instant storage and a decorative accent.

Shoe Organizers

Hanging a shoe-storage rack on the back of your bathroom door will provide you with a place to put just about anything. Get the kind with small squares instead of pouches so you'll be able to easily see their contents. These are great for storing small hand towels, wash cloths, personal sanitary supplies, grooming products, hair accessories, and even shoes! They slip right over the tops of doors, and a couple of sturdy bent wires hold them in place.

Stand-Alone Shelving

You can buy stand-alone shelving that you can place directly against a wall that will give you plenty of storage space. These are versatile items that come in a variety of widths and sizes from up to the ceiling to just three or four feet. You can paint them in vibrant colors and patterns to give your bathroom a unique, artistic ambiance. To add a bit of practical whimsy to your bathroom, consider stand-alone shelving's first cousin, the storage ladder.

Keep in mind that even if your landlord were to allow you to install permanent shelving, stand-alone shelving and storage ladders may be better options because you can take them with you when you move.

Magnetic Spice Racks

If you've ever scoured through bathroom drawers and baskets looking for small metal items such as tweezers and nail scissors, you'll love this idea -- paint the top portion of the back of your medicine cabinet with magnetic primer and install a press-on magnetic spice rack to hold small items. You'll never waste time rummaging for your tweezers again.

Hanging Wire Baskets

Another storage idea stolen from the kitchen, wire baskets that hang from the ceiling are another great way to provide vertical storage in the bathroom. Open-weave, hanging wire baskets are often used in kitchens to provide a place to store items such as garlic bulbs and various fruits. In the bathroom, they can hold bars of soap, packets of bath bubble bath, and other assorted sundries.

Stacked Wicker Baskets

Another attractive way to provide instant storage is to purchase wicker baskets and stack them in a corner. Labeling each basket will ensure that you'll know exactly what's inside. Wicker baskets can be easily purchased from a variety of home and garden retailers. If you're on a limited budget, you can probably find a good selection of wicker baskets at a local thrift store.

Stick-On Storage Containers

Stick-on storage containers are clear, plastic containers that you can use to keep small items such as lipsticks, toothbrushes, toothpaste, mascara, eye pencil sticks, cotton swabs, and concealer wands organized and easily accessible. You can easily adhere them to hard, flat surfaces in your bathroom such as the exterior sides of medicine cabinet doors and the space immediately above your sink.