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When It's Time To Get A Replacement Car Key

by April Perry

If you have lost your car keys, you'll need to find a replacement fast. This is done by contacting a locksmith and locating the vehicle identification number of your car. A locksmith can then identify what type of key is needed in order to open and run your vehicle. If your car runs without a key but uses a fob instead, you'll need to replace the missing fob to get your car running. Talk with your locksmith about your missing key and see what you can do to get your car running. The locksmith should be able to replace your car key for a reasonable cost that is lower than the dealership.

Search For Your Missing Keys

Replacing your keys is a pain. Look everywhere you can think of to find your current key or the replacement. Many people have no idea where their replacement key is, and this is usually a big mistake. Check in pockets, jackets, and look one more time in your car for your missing key. 

When Your Key Doesn't Work Properly

You may have the your car key in your hand, but have trouble using it. If the key is worn down in areas, eventually it will stop working completely. Don't wait until your car key gets bent or breaks off in your ignition before getting a new key made. If a replacement key can be made from your existing key, this is going to save both time and money.

Have Two Keys Made

Now that you are spending the money to get a replacement key made for your car, get two of them made. You will want to have a spare key for your vehicle so that you aren't left without a key in the future. When you have two keys made, you can put the second key in a safe place and only use it when the first key is missing or not working properly.

Have the Batteries in Your Key Checked

If you have your key but it isn't working, this could be a problem with a dead battery inside. Have your battery checked and replaced if necessary. You may not need a new key, but just need a new battery.

Losing your keys can be a big problem. Call a locksmith service, like Amazing Locksmith,  and talk about what your options are. Invest in two keys so you always have a spare and keep your new key in a safe place.